Day 18 - Vancouver/London Heathrow/Edinburgh

across the world again ...

the flight was about 11 hrs, but the experience at Heathrow was infinitely more pleasant than arriving in LA! A smooth and orderly customs queue, and the feeling of being home that I was have always had on arriving in England (OK - not that I have been there all that often but you know what I mean :). Thinking about, I should have booked a flight direct from Heathrow to Edinburgh, but I had already got the bus ticket from Heathrow to Luton and the Easyjet ticket from Luton to Edinburgh (for about £60 which seemed reasonable compared to the hassles of a train or bus trip all the way up to Scotland). It was just tiring after a long flight though, and was quite exhausted by the time I got to Edinburgh.

But my brother was there to meet me! After landing at 5 airports in different countries and then having to find some means of getting from the airport to wherever I was going, it was such a pleasure to be met by a family member! Immediately relaxed at felt at home, and was amazed to see how much Kendyll had grown in the last 2 yrs (duh Stan! :) . We were in Daz's new Toyota which has an in-dash satellite navigation - Pete just typed in his street address, and a warm modulated female voice (Suzie) spoke the directions while the map flashed on the screen. It was a Sunday before school - Hayley wanted to talk about horses but had a project to finish, so I just unpacked - had a bite to eat, chatted to Pete and Kendi while Daz helped with the project, and wondered why at 11pm it was still light outside (Edinburgh is even further north than Vancouver, so the summer nights are REALLY long).

Eventually got to sleep while mentally rehearsing my seminar for next day at U of Edinburgh.

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