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Synopsis of journey so far

OK this is my travel blog. If you are new to blogging just hang in there. Read away. Start your own. Everyone's doing it. Blog is short for 'weblog' - a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically. Similar to a Web journal or "what's new" page. A blog can be used for a wide variety of purposes from news, diaries, poetry, cooking recepies to project schedules. A blog is a communication tool to keep everyone posted on topics of interest ( it also has applications in online community building and learning but as this is a general interest blog I'm not going to get too academic! Jess and Kate heave sighs of relief! :)

This first post will be a bit longer so that I can catch up to where I am today.

I wanted to start this in Brisbane last Wednesday 28 May, where my journey actually began, but struggled with the opensource software I had downloaded and then thought that I should actually focus on getting my presentation for U of Queensland together. I later found some new software called iBlog that is just a breeze to use and that I am trying now for the first time.

Anyway, as you know the academic part of the visit to UQ went really well. It was a good confidence booster and I connected with another academic there whose research interests in models of academic development overlapped with mine. Everyone was friendly and interested in my work, and I learn a lot from the visit and just looking around the place. Its a beautiful campus, on the river, and has an elegant scholarly ambience with old sandstone buildings juxtaposed with modern research labs and buildings.

Then on to Brisbane for the weekend in what must have been the WORST hotel I have ever stayed in. OK I was lucky to get a room - Brisbane was under invasion by 5,000 Rotarians in town for the annual International convention - but this was literally the pits! No windows (there was a hole in the wall with some closed glass that was plugged up by a mouldy air-conditioner that was worse than having no air at all - I was convinced that it was pumping in SARS molecules and began to get quite paranoid). But I eventually calmed down and took to strolling around the city, and had two long jogs along the river in the mornings to clear my head (except that when I pulled on my running shirt in the morning a cockroach jumped out ! )

Some highlights - finding Fritjof Capra's latest book The Hidden Connections in a lovely little bookshop called Folios (I thought I would find it on the trip but not until Canada.) I have been devouring it - reminds me of when I bought The Turning Point in Edinburgh 20 years ago. Its amazing how my own intellectual journey has kept in parallel with his (eg. he is now into Wenger and CoPs as examples of social networks that function like living systems .... ). I also starting exploring alternative health therapies - and so booked in at the Holistic Wellness Centre for a colonic irrigation (wont go into details here :) and later had a shiatsu massage on the South Bank at Stanley St Plaza market (from a Zimbabwean who had been in Aus for 20 years). So putting into practice some of the theory I've read about mind/integration - and a theme that this trip is also a journey into myself - a voyage of self-exploration and academic discovery.

And so onto Melbourne - where I arrived late yesterday. The plane from Brisbane was delayed an hour, and I took the Skybus to the city and then a taxi to the hotel - Easystay Bayside Motel in St Kilda. I was a bit apprehensive because I'd also booked this one on the internet - looking for cheap rates - and wondered what I would get for $50 a night. I asked the receptionist for a room with a window that could open - she must have thought I was bit weird :) Anyway the room is fine - spacious, comfortable. St. Kilda is where we went with Daz and co one Sunday morning to the markets on the Esplanade. I could have stayed closer to Melbourne Uni, but I had seent that part of town when I was there for the HERDSA conference and wanted to check a new part of town. I like it here - there are heaps of sidewalk cafes and bars, shops, and a good buzz. The hotel is literally above a vegetarian restaurant called Veg Out - so I am constantly assailed by these delicious aromas wafting in through my (open!) window. I succumbed last night to a delicious brown rice and 2 curries for $7.50. Spoke to a muso who sat down next to me with his guitar - his band was playing later round the corner at the Esplanade hotel, but I was really tired and slept early.

Woke much refreshed this morning and had a long run along the esplanade for about 5ks. I think I was close to where Pete used to stay, but turned back after about 45 min. I posted the CD off - should get there by Wed/Thurs. Did some laundry in the hotel Speed Queens, and strolled down Acland St and had a savoury muffin and flat white for lunch. Spent the afternoon doing this blog and preparing for my meetings at UniMelb tomorrow.

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