Getting ready for #EL30

I was a participant in #cck08 (Connectivism and Connected Knowledge – the very first MOOC way back in 2008).  I guess this was a key moment in the development of e-Learning 2.0 – I wasn’t a very active learner but did contribute a couple of posts – like this one:

A learner theory or a theory of learning?

As Stephen states now in ‘Getting ready for e-Learning 3.0‘:

Connectivism is based on the idea that knowledge is essentially the set of connections in a network, and that learning therefore is the process of creating and shaping those networks. A connectivist course is focused on developing two types of knowledge: personal knowledge, your own network of ideas and beliefs, which is shaped by activities and experiences; and social knowledge, which is the public network of people and institutions, which is shaped by communication and interaction…….

The learning in a connectivist course is emergent; it is not defined and transferred or transmitted; rather it is created through the process of individual experiences and interactions. It is something new, different for each person in the course, and in a broader, more social sense, an outcome of the course as a whole. 

I’m looking forward to engaging with the development of the connectivist perspective – and reflecting on the twists and turns of my own development over this decade.


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